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  1. Michelle

    just wanted to inform you of some potentially interesting info, regarding a vociferous online poster, who goes by the name of ghislane (ghislane100 / ghislane200 etc.

    You have probably come across her. She is one of the more hate filled of the serial posters and constantly brags about how rich she is as well as insulting anyone with an alternative opinion.

    I did some routing around last year, and it became apparent that she had been posting as Fiona Fuller before being known as ghislane, and using the same avatar, which i believe does not exist anywhere else on the net. wasn’t sure if her name really was Fiona Fuller, but now i’m pretty certain that it is.

    Here are some of the things she has mentioned

    She is from Tunbridge Wells
    her husband is a property developer
    They made a lot of money
    She travels extensively and spends a lot of time in Bath and Singapore

    According to company records for the UK, a Fiona Fuller held a number of company directorships, now dissolved, including a jewelry one and as secretary to Calverley Homes Limited. The registered address for this was in Tunbridge Wells. According to records for Fiona Fuller in Tunbridge Wells (data from electoral role), her husband is Andrew J Fuller.

    Now, turn to newspaper articles of 2013. An Andrew Fuller of Tunbridge Wells was jailed for six years for fraud, relating to his company Calverley Homes Limited (not paying back loans)
    Some data from articles relating to this:
    – the money from fraud was used to furnish a lavish lifestyle, including trips abroad
    – he was arrested in Bath, Somerset
    – He previously fled to the far east.

    see links to articles:




    If this is the husband of Ghislane100 / 200 / 400 etc (Fiona Fuller), then how ironic that someone so relentless in posting about guilt, should be married to someone who is now in jail, especially after having bragged about living off the proceeds of fraud, in order to belittle others.

    best to you and your husband

    • Holy Moly. She is one of the nastiest ones I know. I actually take great pleasure in NOT opening her many many MANY messages to me via Ground Report. As the matter of fact I get way too much pleasure in NOT opening them. She wastes her time, fortunately. I have a difficult time feeling too sorry for her but I guess I do to some extent because she is one of the creepier people ever. I feel so bad that this is her life. Boy, too bad she didn’t realize that life is a hellofa lot more than just money. In fact, it can be quite the deterrent. Relationships, on the other hand, real authentic relationships with real people (not the internet) are quite satisfying if you are able to have them. I hope she gets some help in whatever ways would be help her. And she needs to know she is a sadistic person. That’s what internet trolls are. Get some help with that sadism.

  2. Yes, this “Ghislane” woman is most definitely Fiona Fuller, wife of Andrew Fuller. Fact is, she does not life a lavish life-style any longer! She obviously can’t cope with the face that they got caught defrauding the banks, to live a lavish life-style. Ghislane100 etc… (she has several alias’s) is clearly mentally ill, in a way that is not vulnerable, but extremely nasty. It’s pretty clear that she and hubby suffer from some kind of narcissistic personality disorder, which includes a belief in entitlement, and grandiose notions of self.

    There are endless news articles, company directorships, and comments made about crook, Andrew Fuller by sidepartinmartin (one of Ghislane’s supporters, that is probably just her) ON the pages about Andrew Fuller’s convictions… blaming the banks, of course!

    What a sad excuse this woman is for a human being.

    Look at The Daily Mail Article, and you will see sidepartinmartin support Andrew Fuller. If you go to this link, you will also see sidepartinmartin supporting Ghislane100 –
    It’s all too much of a coincidence. What a JOKE this woman is!


    Oh, and on the same (above) link, Ghislane100 also brags about her luxury lifestyle, provided by her Real Estate/Developer husband.

    By the way, her ‘fabulously successful’ developer husband was nothing but a lowly crook, as early as 1995. Ghislane100 etc.,. regularly mentions coming from Tunbridge Wells- She’s not even smart enough to figure that all her fake bragging about her fake life-style, has infect lead anyone with any level of basic intelligence and observational skills, to prove beyond ANY doubt, that she is the wife of a conman and a loser, and that she is nothing more than these things herself!


  3. Fiona Fuller is not rich. She lives at 28 underwood rise, a terraced property in Tunbridge wells and receives state benefits for disability. Good to know the rest of us hardworking idiots are funding her vile, foul mouthed trolling…

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