Reaching For Amanda Knox

The sad thing is who is behind this. Who is responsible for all of this stuff that came out years and years ago (7, to be exact) and were all discredited. Same thing with a CCTV video that the relatives of Raffaele Sollecito went on TV showing a girl who they claim is Amanda. It’s not even close to being Amanda, but desperate times come to desperate measures. If you can’t beat them join them? No. That is not what I believe. I believe they’ve given up on faith that Raffaele will be exonerated any other way. We’re not in his shoes, but I, for one, can’t support things I know that are not true. Again, I’m not in his shoes, but…

Lawyers on Strike

As in, a stretch.  A real reach.

The Telegraph in the UK reports that Amanda Knox was sexually involved with a cocaine dealer who knew someone else who stabbed yet someone else.

Got that?

This somehow bears upon Amanda Knox’s guilt, because….nope.  This doesn’t bear on anything relevant to Amanda Knox’s guilt, even if every word of it is true.  There are probably only a few people on the planet that can’t be linked to some kind of criminal act that way; that is, by extension several times removed. 

It’s a silly effort at a smear that shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone.  And it’s a sign of desperation. 

By someone.

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