Amanda Knox Is Joffrey: Fighting The SVU-Obsessed Narcissistic Trolls Who Want To Live In Her World.

This is too good not to share. We’ve had our share of haters because of our (well mainly my husband’s) involvement in the Amanda Knox case, along with many other people in similar scenarios. It sounds like this poor guy (Investigative Journalist Stephen Morse) has become their newest target, lucky him. Haters like to shoot the messenger. Haters literally try to get people fired from their jobs over speaking out if favor of innocence for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito! Haters put their name on ridiculous official complaints and consider themselves equal to no less than the President. This is what gives them purpose, meaning, a way to think they’re important. It makes me of one feel fortunate not to be a hater. For you enjoyment…


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