Why not me too, Mr. Mignini, please I publicly DEFAME you.

Why not me too, Mr. Mignini, please I publicly DEFAME you.

Anyone who knows me knows that my husband, Steve Moore (gmancasefile.com) and I got THROWN into what turned out to be an international criminal case that has gone on and on and on…destroying the lives of any and everyone in it’s wake. This current trial is the THIRD, yes the third trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

I was there for the appeal in 2011. I saw for myself what kind of man Mr. Giuliano Mignini is firsthand. And it wasn’t a good thing. He’s not a good person and is responsible for selfishly ruining the lives of innocent people. To this day he’s making the parents, family and friends of the murdered victim, Meredith Kercher believe wrongly that Amanda and Raffaele committed a crime they are innocent of. It’s a terrible thing he’s doing and Mignini and his “men” share much RESPONSIBILITY for the death of Meredith Kercher . I do not say this lightly but I say it with explanation. Sue me, why not add to the rest of the lawsuits he has towards anyone who says anything negative against him regardless of whether it is true.  Rudy Guede would have been and SHOULD have been by the letter of their own Italian law in jail. Mignini has used yellow journalists like Andrea Vogt and Barbie Nadeau, and weird cults who have a thing for Amanda (and Meredith, and not in a normal way, which is REALLY creepy) to leak information to and he’s used a Tabloid Press. He’s used every influence, including the buddies  he was chummy with in the Italian Supreme Court. He is evil, pure and simple. I hate evil.  Really hate it. Oh, and because of the deal Mignini made with Guede after his little visit to jail, Rudy then officially implicated Amanda and Raffaele at his Appeal, he’d never even seen Raffaele.

Oh, and just to make you feel really safe, Rudy will be out (after an original 30 yr. sentence) May of next year (2014). The fact that Rudy is violent, I wonder how confident people will be that he won’t commit another similar crime. And for this, I refer you to a recent advisory made by my husband, Steve Moore on his front page at gmancasefile.com.  Anyone who has supported Mignini and Maresca and wrongly believed Amanda and Raffaele are responsible, they will be the ones to have to live with the guilt of what they’ve done. And then for that next horrid crime he might commit. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. I feel horribly sorry for the parents but someone needs to lovingly show them the error of Mignini’s and Maresca’s ways. They are actually OK with Guede, the only one who had any real evidence at all, coming to visit their daughter’s grave. They publicly hate Amanda and Raffaele Come on…this is just so wrong, it’s lame. A few corrupt officials have done a heap of damage to the small beautiful town of Perugia, Italy.


17 thoughts on “Why not me too, Mr. Mignini, please I publicly DEFAME you.

  1. I have never, ever, in my entire life read such a warped statement regarding this case. Please stop this Michelle before the men in white coats come to collect you. Could not stop laughing.

  2. This is BS: “Anyone who knows me knows that my husband, Steve Moore (gmancasefile.com) and I got THROWN into…” You choose to keep harping on and on and on and on when you could just as easily find other things to do. Sorry your life is so boring. Please explain the mixed DNA trace of Amanda and Meredith in Filomena’s bedroom.

    • Btw, this poster is known as Mr. Peter Quennell. He can feel proud to be a gentleman who is responsible for one of the Amanda Knox haters websites. He has been kind enough to edit the pictures of Meredith Kercher, the victim in this tragic case. While he once had inappropriate pictures that were a tad inappropriate for him to post of the deceased. Especially when almost all other pictures of her were entirely appropriate pictures who showed the real Meredith, a classy, young, intelligent innocent college student who was the victim, by NO fault of her own, a tragic murder and a sexual assault. So I publicly thank him for changing the pics on the borders of his creepy internet site. ‘m really glad he did this for his sake. I’d feared this was intentional, and this fear felt a bit confirmed when we got a call from someone he had been stalking in real life. Yes. And that’s a whole different story in and of itself in which he feels forced to lie about as to hide his embarrassment apparently. But we know the truth, God knows the truth, and he gets to live with the fact that he knows the truth. Win win as far as I’m concerned. I just have to giggle at what I know that he doesn’t know I know. And that’s all I’ll taunt this weird sick obsessed nutter with for now. Dude, you come on my website and sound like an idiot, you are seriously weird. Be gone troll! I just love how he thinks he knows so much yet doesn’t. Fun times.

  3. I join you in yelling out that Mignini and co including Maresca, Nadeau and Vogt are evil, cruel and completely ruthless people. They are willing to let Rudy, Meredith’s murderer out of jail so that they can continue to prosecute 2 innocent people. Horrible, horrible people. The lies, planting evidence, nothing he won’t do to persecute 2 innocent people.Mignini is complicit in Meredith’s murder, Rudy should have been in jail. Mignini, you need to sue me too, because I think you are scum and I defame you.

  4. Mignini, Maresca and the rest of the prosecution team need to be investigated. THey deserve to be put in jail and be put in isolation for six months.

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